Journal Articles

Rationality in Mathematical Proofs
(with Rebecca Morris)
2023. Australasian Journal of Philosophy, to appear. (preprint)

Proofs, Reliable Processes, and Justification in Mathematics
2022. The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, to appear. (preprint, doi)

Probabilistic Proofs, Lottery Propositions, and Mathematical Knowledge
2022. The Philosophical Quarterly, 72(1), 77-89. (preprint, doi)

Mathematical Rigor and Proof 
2022. The Review of Symbolic Logic, 15(2), 409-449. (preprint, doi)

Counterexample Search in Diagram-Based Geometric Reasoning
(with John Mumma and Marie Amalric)
2021. Cognitive Science, 45(4), 1-25. (preprint, supplementary materials, doi)

Plans and Planning in Mathematical Proofs
(with Rebecca Morris)
2020. The Review of Symbolic Logic, 14(4), 1030-1065. (preprint, doi)

Philosophy of Mathematical Practice: A Primer for Mathematics Educators
(with Rebecca Morris)
2020. ZDM Mathematics Education, 52, 1113-1126. (preprint, doi)

Cognitive Processing of Spatial Relations in Euclidean Diagrams
(with Milan N. A. van der Kuil, John Mumma, and Ineke J. M. van der Ham)
2020. Acta Psychologica, 205, 103019. (preprint, doi)

Mathematical Inference and Logical Inference 
2018. The Review of Symbolic Logic, 11(4), 665-704. (doi)

Universal Intuitions of Spatial Relations in Elementary Geometry
(with Ineke J. M. van der Ham and John Mumma)
2017. Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 29(3), 269-278. (doi, pdf)

Logics of Questions
(with Floris Roelofsen)
2015. Synthese, 192(6), 1581-1584. (doi, pdf)

The Interrogative Model of Inquiry meets Dynamic Epistemic Logics
2015. Synthese, 192(6), 1609-1642. (doi)

Inquiry in Conversation: Towards a Modelling in Inquisitive Pragmatics
2014. Logique & Analyse, 228, 637-661. (doi)

Mathematical Rigor, Proof Gap and the Validity of Mathematical Inference
2014. Philosophia Scientiae, 18(1), 7-26. (doi, pdf)

Prolegomena to a Cognitive Investigation of Euclidean Diagrammatic Reasoning
(with John Mumma)
2013. Journal of Logic, Language and Information, 22(4), 421-448. (doi)

Book Chapters

Agency in Mathematical Practice
2023. In B. Sriraman (ed.), Handbook of the History and Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, Springer, Cham, invited contribution under review. (preprint)

Philosophie de la Pratique Mathématique
(with Valeria Giardino)
2018. In A. Arana, M. Panza, F. Poggiolesi, and P. Wagner (eds.), Précis de Philosophie des Mathématiques et de le Logique, Editions de la Sorbonne, Paris. (preprint)

A Dynamic Logic of Interrogative Inquiry
2015. In C. Başkent (ed.), Perspectives on Interrogative Models of Inquiry: Developments in Inquiry and Questions, Springer, Dordrecht, 129-161. (doi)

Conference Proceedings

Poincaré and Prawitz on Mathematical Induction
2014. In P. Arazim and M. Dancak (eds.), Logica Yearbook 2014, College Publications, London, 149-164. (doi, pdf)

Euclid’s Diagrammatic Logic and Cognitive Science
(with John Mumma)
2012. In J. Szymanik and R. Verbrugge (eds.), Proceeding of the Logic and Cognition Workshop at ESSLLI 2012, proceedings, online publication. (doi, pdf)

Book Reviews

Review of Markus Knauff, Space to Reason: A Spatial Theory of Human Thought
2015. Künstliche Intelligenz, 29(3), 307-309. (doi)